February 2019

2019 Best Music Schools: A Guiding Hand

Admissions Consultants for Music Colleges offer students help through the entrance maze.

National Standards: 7, 9

Prepare: Have the class read 2019 Best Music Schools: A Guiding Hand (page 2 of the student edition). The article dives into  all the ways in which admissions consultants are here to help.

Key points in the article:

  • The expertise of admissions consultants is being utilized more and more frequently due to the increasing competition (“leagues and leagues higher than it used to be”) for college admission
  • Admissions consultants specialize in helping students find the higher-education program that’s right for them by offering assistance with application materials, resumes and essays
  • Recently, consultants have had to adjust their advice as technology has become a much more prominent tool in the process

“The applicant pool grows every year, and the competition for acceptance to the top music schools is increasingly fierce. On top of that, the application process is far more complex and multi-layered than parents and typical high-school advisers might understand.”

Steve Lipman, Admissions Consultant

  • When selecting a consultant, consider their experience, background and knowledge for your individual goals
  • A good consultant should be able to point students toward a program that facilitates multiple career path options after graduation

“It’s vital that each student has a private teacher who is compatible with his or her style of learning and desire for performing.”

– Bill Swick, GRAMMY-Award winning music instructor



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