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By Debbie Galante Block

International Make Music Day

Friday, June 21, 2019 is International Make Music Day! Started in France 36 years ago, the holiday consists of music makers young and old playing live music from rooftops, on street corners and parks. (more…)

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Your Dog is Probably a Reggae Fan (11/2/2018) - We’ve all heard of music therapy as a method for curbing our anxieties. But did you know there was music therapy for dogs?
Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition (10/26/2018) - Originally scheduled for last October, the annual Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition is now set for December, 2018.
“Light On” by Maggie Rogers: Watch (10/25/2018) - Maggie Rogers’ new video for her song “Light On,” reminds us to breathe, take things as they come, and find balance.
Podcast Awards (10/22/2018) - iHeartMedia has announced that it will be launching the first ever “Podcast Awards.”
Martin Garrix Continues Music Video Streak (10/18/2018) - The Dutch DJ, Martin Garrix, has released five music videos over the past five days…

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