January 2017

Adding to the Beat

Mastering the musical math of polyrhythms can be tricky, but it’s worth it.

Listen to a playlist featuring all the examples from the January Techniques article.

NotionappClick here to download these examples for playback on the Notion app.


Want to get polyrhythms even deeper into your head? Here are three online resources that can help:

African Trance – A set of sliders on this page controls the volume of several separate recorded drumbeats, letting you play with as many or as few simultaneous rhythms as you want.

Body Percussion Classroom – A great site for exploring rhythms and polyrhythms, including lesson plans, handouts, creative ideas, explanations, and how-to videos.

Bounce Metronome Videos – The Bounce Metronome site includes a number of free videos that graphically illustrate, in a very simple way, polyrhythms and other complex rhythms.