April 2016

IT-apr cover2 If there’s one thing you can say about Ed Sheeran, it’s that he’s not lazy.

Afropop- The many styles of Afropop were born when jazz, rock, and R&B met traditional African music.
The Savvy Drummer- Check out these videos to get a visual tutorial how to care for your kit.
The GRAMMYs Was Their Classroom- For 32 high schoolers, GRAMMY Week was jam-packed with new experiences.


  • Sounds of April 2016- Listen to Frontrunner St. Vincent, cover artist Ed Sheeran, icon the Temptations, and more!
  • Robin Eubanks- The subject of this month’s Players, Robin Eubanks is a versatile trombonist with major credits to his name.
  • Microphone Basics- This month’s lesson teaches us some basics on the different types of microphones.
  • Meghan Trainor ⇠ Erroll Garner- See how pop star Meghan Trainor learned from the greats.
  • The Temptations- The Temptations produced major hits performing pop and later, soul-rock.

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