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Lesson Links

  • How to String an Acoustic Guitar - Learn how to cut and restring your own acoustic guitar with D’Addario.
  • Double Pedal Patterns with Korn’s Ray Luzier - Ray Luzier is the drummer for nu-metal band Korn. In this video, he talks you through the basics of double pedal patterns.
  • Two-Minute Music Theory - This video series offers student-friendly lessons in music theory.  While they’re not all under two minutes, each episode is short, informative and fun.
  • Learn Free Music Theory - Actually, that headline—taken directly from the teacher’s YouTube—is a good lesson in bad syntax. The lessons are free, but the music theory is, well, music theory. So technically, it should be “Learn Music Theory for Free” or “Free Lessons: Music Theory.” That said, we like this whole series, and the collar outside the blazer look … Continue reading Learn Free Music Theory
  • Cello Basics - Although this free bowing tutorial is part of a subscription program, the information offered is valuable even if you don’t sign up for the lessons.  
  • Victor Wooten Pushes Pedals - A great bassist experiments with sound.
  • Light Reeding for Clarinet - Just because saxophones and clarinets are in the same family of reed instruments doesn’t mean you should use the same type of reeds for both.
  • Sticking to the Samba - Drummer Christiano Galvão is a master of Latin rhythms, from Cuban timba and Trinidadian soca to the sambas of his native Brazil.
  • The Buzz on Buzzing - To make a decent sound on a brass instrument, you’ve got to be able to use your lips properly.
  • Into the Loop - Being a solo act isn’t all that tough in the 21st century if you’ve got the right gear.