Vol.17 No.1

Best Music Schools 2020

In Tune covers what college admission officers are looking for and music school tuition

National Standards: 7, 9

Have the class read 2020 Best Music Schools: A Guiding Hand (page 36 of the student edition). Exclusive interviews with music school admissions officers provide insight to prospective students.

What do college admissions officers look for?

  • Students who have investigated and are interested in their particular top-notch training and are serious in their musical pursuits – University of St. Thomas
  • Passion, dedication, talent – Catawba College
  • A well-rounded student that is often a multi-faceted musician and has a desire to learn, excel and advance through valuable training with the faculty – Frost School of Music
  • Students who aspire to be agents of change through their music. We want to attract people who are going to make a difference in the lives of others. – Longy School of Music of Bard College
  • Applicants must have prior experience in vocal and/or instrumental music through school, church, or community organizations. – Middle Tennessee State University
  • Highly motivated students who posses a strong work ethic can achieve substantial growth, and increase their potential for success regardless of prior training – Columbia College Chicago
  • The faculty look for a student’s potential, at least as much as the acquired skill level – Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins