Bonus CD: “Appreciated by Rixton”

Meets National Core Arts Anchor Standards 2 and 7



Perceive and analyze artistic work

Organize and develop artistic ideas and work



Bonus CD (January 2015)

Music Alive! Classroom Worksheet: Pitch and Melody

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Classroom keyboards 


Play Rixton’s “Appreciated” (CD track 1).


  1. Ask the students some quick questions to help them understand the song and its structure.


What is the time signature? (4/4.)

How long is the intro? (Ten measures.)

What are the song’s other sections and their lengths? (First verse: 14; first chorus: 16; second verse: 6; bridge: 8; interlude: 8; last chorus: 24.)

What distinguishes the last bar of the interlude from the rest of the song? (It’s in 2/4 rather than 4/4.)

Why do you think that is? (The measure most likely lost two beats to accommodate the melody.)

The lowest note of the melody is the A-flat below the staff and the highest is the D-flat on the second line. What’s the range? (An octave plus a perfect fourth.)

The song has five flats. What key is it in? (D-flat major.)


  1. Hand out copies of the Pitch and Melody worksheet and help the students work through it using the first three bars of the chorus (including the pickup note that correspond to the lyric “Because it’s.”) At the piano, play the phrase (notated below) slowly, repeating it was many times as needed for the students to respond to each question. Then, collect the worksheets and check them for accuracy.

LP Figure – Full Score


Did the students analyze the structure of the song with you?

Did they complete their worksheets?