April 2015

Bonus CD: Ella Henderson’s “Glow”


Meets National Core Arts Anchor Standards 1 and 7


Conceptualize artistic ideas and work. (Anchor Standard #1)

Perceive and analyze artistic work. (Anchor Standard #7)


Music Alive! Classroom Worksheets 5: Music Review Journal and 12: Staff Paper (download at www.musicalive.com/resources/mahandouts.php)



  1. Play “Glow” (CD track 5), while students complete the Music Review Journal worksheet.
  1. Ask some extra questions:
  • How long is the intro? (Four bars.)
  • How many different chords total do you hear in the intro? (Three: G#m, B, and E.)
  • When the verse kicks in, is the melody sung syncopated or in more square rhythms? (Syncopated.)
  • How long is the verse? (Eight measures.)
  • In the first hook, what’s the main note value the synthesized strings use? (Whole note.)
  • In the second verse, on which beats does a snare add accents? (Beats 2 and 4.)
  • During the chorus, does a second voice add notes in unison, or are these notes harmonized? (Harmonized.)
  • How long is the chorus? (Eight bars.)
  • In the bridge, does the harp play block chords or broken chords—arpeggios. (Arpeggios.)
  • What effect does this sudden change of instrumentation have on the music? (Helps keep things interesting with a new texture.)
  • What’s the main note value of the harp part? (Eighth note.)
  • How long is the bridge? (Ten measures.)


  1. Hand out copies of the staff paper worksheet and have the students transcribe the vocal hook that appears throughout the song. (Notation shown here.) Play this part on the piano, or sing it, slower than on the recording and repeating as many times as necessary. Give the students clues as needed, the starting note or the rhythms, for instance, on the whiteboard. Then, collect the worksheets and check the students’ transcriptions for accuracy.



Did the students follow along to “Glow” using the timeline?

Did they complete their worksheets and answer to the extra questions?

Did they transcribe the vocal hook?