March 2015

Bonus CD: Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One”

Meets National Core Arts Anchor Standards 1 and 7


Conceptualize artistic ideas and work. (Anchor Standard #1)

Perceive and analyze artistic work. (Anchor Standard #7)



Bonus CD (March 2015)

Music Alive! Classroom Worksheets 5: Music Review Journal and 12: Staff Paper (download at



  1. Play “I’m Not the Only One” (CD track 6) and ask the students to complete the Music Review Journal worksheet.
  2. Ask the students some supplemental questions:
  • How long is the intro? (Eight bars.)
  • How many different chords total do you hear in the intro? (Five: F, A, Dm, Bbmaj7, and C.
  • How long is the basic repeating progression? (Two bars.)
  • Does the chord progression stay the same in the verse or do something new? (Stays the same.)
  • In the verse, how long does each vocal phrase tend to be? (Two bars.)
  • Does the chorus introduce a new chord progression? (It’s the same as in the previous sections, but instead of a C chord, a Bb/C chord—that’s a Bb triad with a C in the bass, or a C9sus4 chord—adds harmonic interest. Play this chord on the piano for the students.
  • If the chord immediately preceding the bridge is Bb/C, can anyone say what chord (used in all the previous sections) that section starts on? (Bbmaj7.)
  • What kind of sound does this chord have? (Wistful, etc. On the piano, play both a Bb triad and a Bbmaj7 chord, so that students can clearly hear the effect the major seventh has on the sound.


  1. Hand out copies of the staff paper worksheet and have the students transcribe the bass line for the whole first verse using repeat signs for the first two bars and including the symbols for the chords whose names they learned during the discussion. (Notation shown here.) Give the students clues as needed on the whiteboard. Then, collect their manuscripts and check them for accuracy.

 ListeningGuideFigMar15 – Full Score


Did the students read the article?

Did they complete their worksheets and respond to the supplemental questions?

Did they transcribe the bass line?