April 2015

CD to be Replaced by Expanded Online Music

As fewer teachers use CD players and more have computers, e-readers and smartphones in the classroom, In Tune will discontinue the CD sent to those educators who buy classroom sets of In Tune for their students. 

Disc content will be replaced by a broader collection of integrated, multi-media teaching tools available with a password on
intunemonthly.com. It had to happen. Try buying a piece of audio gear with a CD player in it these days…So, starting with In Tune’s October 2015 issue, intunemonthly.com’s new “gated” web pages for teachers will add more online playlists and video content. We can now simultaneously post examples of certain techniques for brass, orchestra and choir so that students in
different ensembles can hear them in a context that matches their studies. Today, our disc provides listening examples of music mentioned in the magazine. Our new teacher pages on this website will soon deliver that and much more.

Many teachers with access to the lesson plans now hosted on intunemonthly.com have noticed that we’re already using these pages to offer online quizzes to go along with the printed quiz in the In Tune Teacher Guide. We’ll be including even more online quizzes next year in an effort to make assessment easier. As for the printed teacher guide, it will continue to evolve as well, adding components that work on their own as well as in conjunction with our new and more robust package of modern, online teaching tools. We hope you’ll consider this to be one more reason to get each of your students their own copies of In Tune.