April 2019

Charting the Crop of Global Pop

Music made in America and other English-speaking territories, plays in more countries than you might think. But there is also a slew of great popular songs created elsewhere that never makes it to our shores.

National Standards: 7, 9

Prepare: Have the class read Charting the Crop of Global Pop (page 30 of the student edition). The article introduces the WorldWide Countdown podcast and popular music from other countries you may not have heard before.

Key points in the article:

  • “Although the scenery, food and culture may be different abroad, one constant, wherever you go, is that there’s always music.” – Christopher Currier
  • Some songs don’t travel well because of language barriers, but some songs transcend those barriers and make it huge in countries where the lyrics are not in the native language
  • Currier grew up listening to popular hits from anywhere but the U.S., his podcast is released on a monthly basis, talking about his list of 15 songs, playing clips from each

Click the link below to listen to all episodes of the WorldWide Countdown on intunemonthly.com

The WorldWide Countdown