December 2016


dec2016-coverShawn Mendes, Vine-Ripened 

This pop sensation knows how to make an impression in six seconds.

Making Your Own “Funk” - Check out different ways to play Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ huge hit.
The Power of 12 - It sounds weird, but 12-tone music can change the way you hear.
Fabled Flutists - See and hear some of the all-time great players of this venerable instrument.


  • Palming the Sax - The palm keys on a saxophone can be tricky to use.
  • Chords in Motion - Our new favorite online destination is a chord arpeggiator page created by web developer Jake Albaugh.
  • Raul Midón’s Mouth Trumpet - If you closed your eyes, you’d swear that this video contained real trumpet playing.

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