November 2016

Four-Decade Wait Over for Terry Dolan Debut

The San Francisco singer/songwriter’s first album was supposed to come out in 1973. Now it’s finally here.

Listening to the songs on Terry Dolan’s self-titled debut, you’d think you were hearing staples of classic rock radio. But you’re not. Yes, Dolan recorded them at the peak of the classic rock era in the early 1970s. And not surprisingly, the musicians playing on them have distinguished résumés: drummer Prairie Prince (later of Journey and the Tubes); bassist Lonnie Turner and guitarist Greg Douglass of the Steve Miller Band; guitarist John Cipollina of the revered Bay Area jam band Quicksilver Messenger Service; the Pointer Sisters, soon to be R&B stars, on backing vocals; and last but not least, Nicky Hopkins, a piano wizard who played with a wide array of well-known rock artists, including the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and the Who. But due to mysterious record company machinations, Terry Dolan wasn’t actually released until this year.

Here’s one of the tracks from this long-forgotten album, “Inlaws and Outlaws.” A demo of this very song was what originally got Dolan a contract with Warner Bros. Records. Too bad they didn’t like the final product at the time, but we say better late than never.