February 2014


John Legend - Watch video of John Legend performing and being interviewed on NPR, and compare the studio and live solo versions of songs from Love in the Future


The Music of Shakespeare’s Day - Learn more about the period instruments used to make recent Shakespeare plays more like they were first performed.
Giving Theory a Push - The February Gearhead writer Michael Maricle provides a lesson in music theory using the Ableton Push and Live software.

Italian for Musicians - Find an expanded list of Italian musical terms and definitions from the February Techniques column.
Acoustic Instrument Miking - Listen to how different microphone and pickup techniques change the sound of an acoustic guitar. 


Hear The Music: February 2014 -   Listen to tracks from the artists featured in the February 2014 issue of In Tune Monthly, including Sharon Jones, Candice Glover, J.S. Bach, Judy Garland, and more!

Listening List: February 2014 - Stream all 10 songs from the February 2014 issue of the In Tune Listening List!

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