Florida Georgia Line Debuts Music Video At Their New Nashville Restaurant

Florida Georgia Line debuted a music video for their song “Smooth” music video for unsuspecting fans in Nashville on June 5. The unveiling took place at the grand opening of FGL House, a new four floor bar/restaurant in Music City, launched by FGL members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, according to tasteofcountry.com.

Though “Smooth” has yet to be officially launched as a radio single, it is the name of the duo’s massive summer tour, and this forthcoming music video all but cements the song as FGL’s next major release.

The news came via a surprise announcement by Hubbard on the rooftop bar of FGL House, where the singer asked hundreds of guests to vacate the roof to watch the video on the projector screen located on the establishment’s first floor.

“It’s not even color-corrected,” Hubbard warned the crowd. “It’s really rough.” However, that didn’t seem to matter, as most were excited just to get an exclusive and early peek.

There no official release date for the music video.