Free Online “Mixing” Class Taught By Ableton Certified Trainer

Get a complete mixing education with Isaac Cotec in “Mixing Electronic Music In Ableton Live,” according to

Isaac, better known as Subaqueous, is an Ableton Certified Trainer who’s been making electronic music in Ableton since 2002. In this class, he’ll discuss the why behind the how of mixing and help you make better decisions during every step of your mixing process. You’ll learn about:
• Setting up your studio: monitors, acoustic treatment, etc
• Routing and gain structure
• Dynamic range and compression
• Advanced EQing and spatial placement
• Adding color and dimension: reverb, delay, and effects
• Basics of mastering in Live

Isaac will show you how to zoom out and take conceptual control over the mix and then zero in on the steps it’ll take to get there.

“Mixing Electronic Music In Ableton Live” will get you up-to-speed on the why and the how of mixing so you never degrade another song again.

This class will be broadcast live and for free March 9th from 9:00am – 4:00pm Los Angeles time. Go to this link for more information: