December 2012

Hear the Music

About the December 2012 Musical Selections:

The playlist below offers selected listening for the Dec. 2012 issue of In Tune and is available with a free Spotify subscription.

Fun.: Our December cover story discusses the way the band combines diverse influences; you can hear this by comparing the three songs included here. Check out how the chorus slows down in “We Are Young.” It’s an unusual choice.

Icon Ornette Coleman broke many of music’s long established rules about melody, harmony and rhythm in the 1950s, and carried his groundbreaking work forward for decades to come. Comepare his early work from Shape of Jazz to Come to later collabortions with guitarist Pat Metheny and his funkier, hip-hop-influenced work with Primetime.

Players: The Metrolitan Opera‘s clarnietist Anothony MGill is featured on this selection.

Influences: Trace the sound of David Guetta’s “Titanium” back through the four three earlier selections by Paul Van Dyk, Cher, and the Police.

Moments: We close with selections from Grand Ole Opry performances.