January 2015


Guetta Together
Check out video of David Guetta’s collaborations with featured artists Kelly Rowland, Sia, and John Legend.




The Power of Pedals - From loop pedals and vocal effects to basic stomp boxes, see floor effects in action.
Classical Sax-travaganza! - Watch the saxophone in action in a selection of classical pieces, including a performance by Dr. Eugene Rousseau.

Voice Leading Master Class - Delve deeper into the subject of the January 2015 Techniques column with these video lessons.


How to Play Electric Violin - Virtuoso Christian Howes does some high-voltage fiddling. We’ve also added some video of Christian using loop pedals to be a one-man mini orchestra.


Listening List: January 2015 - Listen to the podcast and stream all 10 selections from the January 2015 edition of the Listening List, including “Afterlife” by Ingrid Michaelson, and more.
Hear the Music - Selections from the Eagles, Hozier, Emblem 3, and other artists featured in the January issue of In Tune.

The Young Musician's Textbook