January 2017

0c1_intune_14_4_tn2The Dawn of a New Day

A voice like Andra Day’s doesn’t come around all that often.

Getting the “Feeling”- The top-selling song of 2016 was by Justin Timberlake. Here’s how to play it.
Adding to the Beat- Mastering the musical math of polyrhythms can be tricky, but it’s worth it.
Powered Chords- With the acoustic-electric guitar, acoustic players can comfortably take their act to the world’s largest stages.


  • Reeding It Right- Want to find out more about reed strength? You’ll get the lowdown here.
  • New Year’s in Vienna- Venezuelan star conductor Gustavo Dudamel is the latest to take part in a 75-year tradition observed every January 1 in Austria’s capital.
  • Quiz: The Who-

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