May 2019

Luis Fonsi

The “Despacito” hit-maker represents the latest, greatest success in a wave of Latin pop in the mainstream


Have the class read Luis Fonsi and the Latin Crossover Boom (page 30 of the student edition). The article sums up the career of Latin chart-topper Luis Fonsi and how he helped to bring latin music to the surface.

Key points in the article:

  • Luis Fonsi has been topping the charts with Latin songs for two decades, and is known as the Latin “Voice of Pop”
  • “Despacito” is the No.8 most streamed song ever, and its music video is the most viewed in history
  • “Despacito” was the gateway for Latin music in the mainstream, and now many artists have been able to follow in Fonsi’s footsteps


Review vocabulary words from the article below:

UBIQUITOUS—present, appearing, or found everywhere


ENCAPSULATE—express the essential features of

DEMEANOR—outward behavior or bearing

POTENT—having great power, influence or effect

Ask students about their perception of Latin music in the industry.