Luke Combs Preview


If at first you don’t succeed, sing for 10,000 hours…

In 2023, a success story like that of Luke Combs — based on hard work and perseverance — is becoming less and less common. These days, in a number of cases, stars are made through viral success, corporate manufacture, or familial privilege.

Country breakout Bailey Zimmerman found viral stardom by posting a video to TikTok. His music is appealing, but certainly it was a lucky break. Pop darling Olivia Rodrigo was bred for the spotlight as a Disney child star. Gracie Abrams is one of the many “nepo (short for nepotism) - babies” who utilized her family name, connections, and comfortable upbringing to rise through the ranks (her father is famed film director J.J. Abrams). These artists aren’t without talent, but in today’s entertainment industry, talent alone may not be enough. The competition is intense, and it’s tough to break without an edge.

Luke Combs, on the other hand, didn’t have any of these modern benefits to aid in his ascension. He built his career with nothing but hard work, dedication, and love for the craft, which his fans all around the globe have come to appreciate and adore.

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