Marching Arts 2023 Preview


Marching was one of those live performance activities that was impacted by the pandemic. Musicians standing shoulder to shoulder, some projecting airborne droplets through their horns, traveling in enclosed spaces (like busses), not to mention the crowds that many didn’t want to be a part of were all on hold. Now, with much of that in the rear-view mirror, live performance is flourishing. There’s only one problem. If students in certain grades didn’t have marching bands to play in, even for a year, that gap follows those classes, and those who might march as upper-class high school students (and then become members of college and elite corps), might have missed their moment, and done other things. The solution? Jump in now. Yes, you! There’s still time. The marching arts are back stronger than ever and looking for new participants. Whether it's middle school, high school, college, or the elites, marching programs are getting back to a normal. Here then is an overview – and hopefully something that will inspire some of our readers to join the band. 

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