May 2015

Memphis Master Class

Hear music from Take Me to the River and learn how you can re-mix and play along with William Bell’s “Knock on Wood.”

The Spotify playlist below offers the complete soundtrack from Take Me to the River, the documentary about Memphis soul music that was featured in the May issue of In Tune.

The music in the film is of such historical importance that the Berklee College of Music is teamed up with the filmmakers to create a series of lessons based on it. And they’re offering In Tune readers a chance to try one lesson out for free.

To access the lesson, go to: and enter the following information:

Username: istudent
Password: berklee

From there, you’ll get a chance to listen to a version of Knock on Wood recorded for the film, read the sheet music as it plays, and use a set of online tools to isolate individual tracks and parts.

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You can also hear to “Knock on Wood” and other songs from the Take Me to the River soundtrack  on the player below.