October 2017

Moving in Theriot

Shane Theriot, that is—guitarist, producer, and musical director for the TV show Live from Daryl’s House.

Singer Daryl Hall is the host of the show, which (as its title suggests) is filmed at his home in Pawling, N.Y. But as you’ll see at the beginning of this clip, Theriot—the guitarist who’s usually standing to Hall’s right—contributes a lot to the success of the musical performances that are its principal focus, working out arrangements and finding common ground between Hall and the guest artists that change for each episode. The special guest this time is hip-hop veteran Wyclef Jean, and the song is a version of his ’90s band the Fugees’ “Ready or Not.”

Want to hear what Theriot sounds like when he’s playing on his own? Check out this clip, in which he tears through his own “Twisted Diminished Blues,” making heavy use of an effect that adds the sound of a lower octave to his guitar playing.