November 2016


itmcovernov16Bastille Gets All Mixed Up

This hit British foursome has made the “mix tape” a major part of its creative work.




A Tower of Harmony - Polychords are created when you stack one chord on top of another.
“Cheap Thrills” for Everyone - Learn how to play Sia’s biggest hit.
The Land Where Hits Come From - Over the past few decades, Swedish songwriters have changed pop music worldwide.


  • Robert Randolph, Man of Steel - The steel guitar virtuoso has transformed his chosen instrument.
  • “New” Erroll Garner Music Discovered - The famed jazz pianist/composer recorded a lot of music that never saw the light of day during his lifetime, and some highlights have just been released.
  • Woman Creator Earns Scholarship - Belmont University’s first Women Creators Scholarship has been won by student Anna Vaus.
  • A Clarinet Collaboration - Master clarinet maker Morrie Backun has forged an intriguing partnership with another manufacturer.
  • Four-Decade Wait Over for Terry Dolan Debut - The San Francisco singer/songwriter’s first album was supposed to come out in 1973. Now it’s finally here.
  • Proud Place for Music in New D.C. Museum - The Smithsonian Institution’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture is an important addition to Washington, D.C.’s array of museums and monuments for many reasons—one of which is the pride of place it gives to music made by African-Americans.
  • Subway Singer Finds Fame - After singing in New York subway stations for decades, Alice Tan Ridley has finally released her first album—at the tender age of 63.

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