October 2016

IT-cover-1016.jpgNeedtobreathe regroups after a brotherly feud and freshens up its sound.

Play It Again (and Again)- An ostinato is a musical figure that keeps on repeating, but in a way that builds excitement instead of boredom.
A Lesson in Princeliness- To introduce our new Modern Band feature, we’re taking a look at how to play Prince’s “Purple Rain.”
Best Music Schools 2017- Here you’ll find bonus content to supplement our Best Music Schools 2017 report, including a list of schools mentioned in the article and extra alumni interviews.


  • Remembering Bill Graham- He created the live concert business as we know it, and now promoter Bill Graham is the subject of a comprehensive exhibit at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.
  • Celebrate the Minimoog!- After 30 years out of production, the groundbreaking Minimoog Model D analog synthesizer is being manufactured again by Moog Music.

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