On Becoming a Modern Musician Preview


The world today favors the utility player, one who can do a variety of things. In baseball, a true switch hitter – one who can hit equally well from both sides of the plate – has extra value to the team. And a utility fielder – one who can play more than one position, will see more playing time. It’s much the same with music. Not only can multi-instrumentalists express themselves in different ways musically, but a musician who has a talent for teaching, or producing, or who can act, will find an abundance of career options and opportunities.

There are many examples of artists whose curiosities and happenstance led them down new paths, but now there are those who are consciously preparing for multi-faceted musical lives. College music programs are including diverse courses, and enlightened music students are training with a variety of instructors to develop an array of skills, applying for internships and taking jobs that broaden their experience. A cello major may not necessarily find work as a mastering engineer, but their musical career could be enhanced by their having a background in audio engineering. Many successful musicians also teach, and getting training in education is, of course, invaluable for that endeavor.

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