PinkPantheress Preview


Recently, it was revealed that the singer/songwriter Pinkpantheress, who when she conducts interviews simply goes by the name of “Pink,” is the daughter of a Kenyan caregiver Elza Walker and statistics professor Stephen Walker, making it clear that her pen Victoria Beverley Walker is also her birth name. From musicians like DJ/producer Marshmello, to renowned authors like Thomas Pynchon, to Australian superstar Sia, to the graffiti extraordinaire Banksy, anonymity is a tactic long employed by the creative for various reasons – mostly as a hedge against the intrusions of fame. Walker employed the tactic for one very clear reason: for PinkPantheress, the songs come first.

Having said that, alluding to the fact that her music is very sample-based, most songs are under two minutes, and she got her start posting on the popular video-hosting platform TikTok, that her output is less concerned with quality and more about gimmicks and appealing to those with short attention spans. But that is far from the case for Pink. She’s approached her craft with the utmost seriousness throughout her career, and still does so today...

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