October 2012

Sample Libraries

Check out a video explaining how samples are mapped and check out some links to sound libraries of many different types.

Stacks of Sounds!

Sample libraries cam include thousands of sounds from individual instrument notes, to voices to loops. Our October 2012 Gearhead article explained how these libraries work. The video below demonstrates mapping—the technique for assigning samples to the correct notes. Below that, you’ll find links to sample libraries and demos. Have fun exploring!



Notion Music makes software that combines music notation and a vast instrumental library for both computers and for iOS. You can download a demo of the company’s flagship Notion3 at
this link.

Native Instruments makes both software samplers and sound libraries. The company offers a wide range of instruments, but the ones most closely related to our store are Kontakt and Kompakt. You can download a free demo (along with sample sounds) here.

East*West is one of the bigger providers of sample libraries. Their website has many collections and lets you hear the samples via online demos.