Vol.17 No.3

Sturgill Simpson

An unlikely newcomer’s country and Americana roots take hold and give life to a thriving musical career


Have the class read Sturgill Simpson: One In a Million (page 2 of the student edition). The article unveils the experiences, depth and dedication of the multi-layered pop star.

Key points in the article:

  • While it’s atypical for an artist to be discovered in their mid-30s, it’s even more so for an artist to win a GRAMMY award before landing a Top 20 radio single
  • Simpson grew up in rural Kentucky, never thinking he could make it as a singer-songwriter
  • GQ calls him “Country Music’s Psychedelic Warrior-Philosopher”
  • He has released four solo albums, one of which has reached No.8 on Billboard’s Hot Country Albums

Review vocabulary words from the article below:

COVETED – yearned to possess or have

ANTITHESIS – a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else

PERCOLATING – spreading gradually through an area or group of people

ACCOLADE – an award or privilege granted as a special honor

FERVOR – intense and passionate feeling

MONOLITHIC – large, powerful and intractably indivisible

VISCOSITY – a quantity expressing the magnitude of internal friction

POTENT – having great power, influence or effect

EMPHATIC – showing or giving emphasis

RUMINATIVE – thinking deeply about something

DISPARATE – containing elements very different from one another

FUTILE – incapable of producing any useful result

FORAY – an attempt to become involved in a new activity or sphere

Hear Simpson’s music in the videos below: