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February 2015

Icon: Pete Seeger Quiz

Icon: Pete Seeger

Test your knowledge on American folk icon Pete Seeger with a short quiz on his life and career. For each term, select the correct description of how it relates to Seeger’s life.

February 2015 Lesson Plans

Find lesson plans for the February 2015 issue of In Tune.

  • Bonus CD: A Brief History of Funk - A Brief History of Funk Meets National Core Arts Anchor Standards 7 and 9  Objectives Perceive and analyze artistic work (Anchor Standard #7)
  • Delta Blues Museum - Learn about the artists that fill the halls of the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi.
  • Pentatonix Scales - Learning about the success of the a capella group Pentatonix, from their humble beginnings to holding millions of fans online.
  • Icon: Pete Seeger - Get a background on the life and career of Pete Seeger, American folk singer/songwriter and activist
  • Techniques: Ornaments - Get acquainted with ornament symbols and how to read and apply them to music.
  • Hot Rod Horns - Explore the different techniques that can be used to modify a trumpet, from mouthpieces and mutes to adding or reducing weight.
  • The Value of the Visit - For our guide to college visits, we spoke to a few college faculty and administrators