Vol.17 No.5

Tame Impala

Australia’s Kevin Parker Is a Lone Wolf In The Studio, But He Tours With a Pack


Have the class read Not So Tame Impala (page 28 of the student edition). 

Key points in the article:

  • The “band” called Tame Impala is actually just one person, Kevin Parker, who writes, sings, plays all the instruments and produces each of his songs
  • He released his first album in September 2008, which went No.1 in Australia. It all took off from there…
  • His inspiration is as varied as it gets, from Britney Spears to Supertramp to My Bloody Valentine
  • One of his more emotional songs is about him nearly dying in a California wildfire
  • While he is in good company with artists who frequently go-it alone, it is rare for musicians to make it in the music business without a large team behind them

Review vocabulary words from the article below:

ENLIST — engage (a person or their help or support)

MANIPULATE– handle or control, typically in a skillful manner

GRAPPLING– engaging in a close fight or struggle without weapons; wrestling

ISOLATION– the process or fact of remaining alone or apart from

IMMERSION– deep mental involvement

LIMELIGHT– the focus of public attention

Hear Tame Impala’s music in the videos below: