Archives: Volume 10

Find Archived bonus content from the October 2012-May 2013 School year.

May 2013

  • Listening List: May 2013 - Stream all 10 songs of the May 2013 Listening List!
  • Composing for History - Watch the documentary that Florida student JJ Gamba produced and scored for a history project about Civil Rights.
  • Beats Business - Watch some beat construction techniques, then try for yourself using the free demo software .
  • Hear the Music - Hear the Music: May 2013 Check out tracks from Miles Davis, Justin Timberlake, Rush, Diplo, and more.
  • Cut, Loop, and Learn - Author Tom Haney explains his “Cut, Loop, Learn” practice technique.

April 2013

  • Listening List: April 2013 - Stream all 10 songs from the April 2013 Listening List!
  • Good Vibrations - Learn the science of sound by watching strings, reeds, and drum heads in action.
  • Hear the Music - April 2013 Hear the Music includes songs by The Staple Singers, Chicago blues greats, and more!
  • Bebop Backing - Download MIDI files of the backing tracks for the bebop lesson. Load them into music software and practice along!

March 2013

  • Sound Onstage - In “Setting Up for Success” we discussed some strategies for good onstage sound. Here’s a video tutorial from equipment company Soundcraft explaining the basics of using a mixer, plus copy of the illustrated set-up form the article.
  • Listening List: March 2013 - Stream all 10 songs from the March 2013 Listening List!
  • Hear the Music - Listen to tracks related to Music News (Santana), Icon (Joni Mitchell), The Write Stuff (Alabama Shakes), Moments (Fantasia) and more!
  • Background Vocals Step Forward - See video lessons and demonstrations of many of the techniques discussed in the March issue’s Techniques column.
  • More McGraw - Our cover story on Tim McGraw discussed how artists interpret songs. Check out this playlist of Tim McGraw hits and compare his versions of songs like “Tiny Dancer,” “Live Like You Were Dying,” and “Tiny Dancer” with others here.
  • 2013 NAMM report - NAMM’s Top 8 in 2013, as selected by In Tune’s 2013 SchoolJam Teen Field Reporter, Michelle McGhee

February 2013

  • Listening List: February 2013 - Stream all 10 songs from the February 2013 Listening List!
  • Slurs -
  • Drums with Daniel Glass - See author Daniel Glass in action and hear him demonstrate some rudiments in these excerpts from the included disc for Music Alive!’s Percussion.
  • TV Bands - Check out video from members of the television ensembles who shared their experiences in the February issue, including players from American Idol, Conan, The Tonight Show, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
  • Hear the Music - Listen to selections by artists featured in the February issue, including Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, and more!

January 2013

  • Listening List: January 2013 - Stream all 10 songs from the January 2013 Listening List!
  • Minimalism Examples - Listen to audio of the music example from the January 2013 Techniques column.
  • Hear the Music - Tracks from January 2013 cover artist Gotye, plus Godspell, Muse, Alicia Keys, Maynard Ferguson, Dave Eggar, minimalist composers, and more!
  • ADSR Demo - Watch how controls for Attack, Decay, Release and Sustain affect the sound of an electronic keyboard.<p>

December 2012

  • Listening List: December 2012 - Stream all 10 songs from the December 2012 Listening List!
  • Grooves - Hear the exercises described in the December 2012 Techniques column.
  • Classic Electric Guitar Sounds - Follow the history of the electric guitar from the jazz age through today by listening to some famous players and their trademark sounds.
  • Folk Rock Playlist -
  • Hear the Music - About the December 2012 Musical Selections: The playlist below offers selected listening for the Dec. 2012 issue of In Tune and is available with a free Spotify subscription.

November 2013

  • Listening List: November 2012 - Stream all 10 songs from the November 2012 Listening List!
  • French Horn in Action - Learn some basic french horn techniques and see how today’s horns related to the ancient instruments made from animal horns and shells.
  • Intervals - Check your work by listening to the interval exercises from the November issue’s Techniques column.
  • Hear the Music (10-2) - Find free Spotify playlists of the artists featured in the November issue of In Tune, including a special playlist of artists who influenced the Black Keys.

October 2013

  • College Directory - Find links to the college music programs featured in Best Music Schools
  • Listening List: October 2012 - Stream all 10 songs from the October 2012 Listening List!
  • Barre Chords Made Easy - This demo shows a simple way to get your fingers used to playing Barre Chords.
  • Tuplets - Click the links below to hear the exercises described in the October 2012 Techniques column: Tackling Tuplets.
  • Drum Corps on the March - See performance and behind-the-scenes video from DCI groups.
  • Hear the Music (10-1) - Find a free Spotify playlist (as well as YouTube video links) with selections related to the October 2012 issue of In Tune Monthly.
  • Sample Libraries - Check out a video explaining how samples are mapped and check out some links to sound libraries of many different types.

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