Your Dog is Probably a Reggae Fan

We’ve all heard of music therapy as a method for curbing our anxieties. But did you know there was music therapy for dogs? Upon first listen to the music from the video below, the ambient sounds may sound familiar, perhaps from many sleep and meditation playlists you may have come across. But this music is not written to relax you, it’s written to relax your pet. The composition of this music contains canine-friendly frequencies that are specifically designed to decrease stress levels and combat separation anxiety.

However, in a study conducted by the  Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow, researchers found that while this type of music is soothing for your dog, it can become boring after a while. What they also discovered is that reggae and soft rock actually have more compatible rhythms and tempos to a dogs natural heartbeat, and are therefore even more stress-relieving. So try playing this video for your dog next time you leave the house or want them to relax. You could also play “One Love” by Bob Marley and see what happens…

Listen to the ambient therapeutic music below:

“One Love” by Bob Marley