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February 2016

1College_p2_leed College, Feature Article :
Best Music Schools 2016, Part 2

The application process can be harrowing, but not if you stay focused and organized.

The Voice - Season 9 Cover Stories :
Discovering Their Voice

On The Voice, finalists found more than competition under the spotlight.

1SaxLeed Gearhead :
The Savvy Saxophonist

There’s more to playing the saxophone than learning your scales.

Kronos Quartet Techniques :
Four Score: String Quartets

You don’t have to be violinist to learn a thing or two from string quartets.





January 2016

SEcoverCover artist A Great Big World, Frontrunner Sam Hunt, She Rocks Awards, vinyl, the In Tune Listening List, iconic conductor Nadia Boulanger, and more!

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