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November 2017

One into Five - The members of One Direction are now setting out on five individual solo careers.
The Hits Keep Coming - There’s a lot more to percussion than just drums and cymbals.
“See You Again” Onstage - Here’s how you and your band can play a song known to billions.
Modes of Playing - Entering the modal system is as simple as playing a major scale.


  • Young Listening Habits Revealed - When you want to hear recorded music, where do you go? If you’re anything like the average young person, the answer may not be so simple.
  • A Record-Setting Tribute to “The D” - Songwriter Allee Willis—whose credits include Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September,” the theme to the TV sitcom Friends, and the Tony–winning musical The Color Purple—was tired of people putting down her hometown of Detroit, Mich. So she decided to do something about it.
  • Light Reeding for Clarinet - Just because saxophones and clarinets are in the same family of reed instruments doesn’t mean you should use the same type of reeds for both.

October 2017

Fleet Foxes, Best Music Schools 2018, Beyoncé’s “I Was Here,” modes of the major scale, Donovan, Halsey, Julia Michaels, the In Tune Listening List, and more!

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