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While the indie pop band BLEACHERS is Jack Antonoff's main vehicle for recording and performing the music he writes and records, and he had big hits while a member of the alternative band Fun, a good measure of his success these days comes from a more behind-the-scenes role. He is a co-writer with, and record producer for some of the biggest names in the business like Taylor Swift, Lorde, Sia, The Chicks, St. Vincent, Lana Del Rey, Clairo, Olivia Rodrigo and Carly Rae Jepson. Check out this month's In Tune cover story to learn more.

Players: William Washington

The Write Stuff: Getting to "No" You

Icon: Stevie Ray Vaughn

Influences: SZA to Lester Young

Learning New Songs: How to play "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon

Classic Album Covers: No Limit by Art Pepper

Activity plans for this month's features

Techniques: Sight Reading

The start of a new year is a great time to tackle new pieces of music. In fact, if you’re working in a school setting, it’s likely that you now have lots of new sheet music to learn. What better time to work on your sight-reading skills?

From Bleachers to the Front Row

The Jack Antonoff Story

What It's Like to Work at PRS Guitars

Courtesy of our friends at PRS Guitars, here is an exploration of their business with profiles of the people and jobs it takes to turn raw materials, and vision, into musical instruments.

Learning New Songs:

"Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon

Martin & Co.

  1. Fingers Crossed Lauren Spencer-Smith 2:55
  2. Hey Siri salem ilese 2:20
  3. What Did I Do? Hayd 3:36
  4. WYD Now? Sadie Jean 2:25
  5. Hargrove Kenny Garrett 5:14
  6. We Don't Talk About Bruno Carolina Gaitán - La Gaita & Mauro Castillo & Adassa & Rhenzy Feliz & Diane Guerrero & Stephanie Beatriz & Encanto - Cast 3:36
  7. Wild Blue John Mayer 4:12
  8. 06 Flute Concerto No. 2 in D Major, K. 314_ III. Allegro 5:31
  9. Bang Julian Lamadrid 3:04
  10. My Boy Elvie Shane 3:23