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Can you imagine being given the opportunity to perform with one of the hottest pop acts in the world, and being told about it in an Instagram DM? That's what happened to singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist CELISSE. One day, pretty much out of the blue, she got an Instagram message saying that there was a "high-profile TV engagement" coming up and asking if she would send over some clips of her playing various styles of music. Check out this month's In Tune cover story to learn more.

Players: Jennifer Kummer

The Write Stuff: Whither Tech Tools

Icon: Irving Berlin

Influences: Clairo to Louis Armstrong

Careers: Alon Shacham, CEO and Co-Founder of Compoze

Learning New Songs: How to play “Pompeii” by Bastille

Classic Album Covers: The Grand Illusion by Styx

Activity plans for this month's features

Techniques: Horn Section Harmony

If you want your song or band to have a big sound, there’s little better than adding a horn section


Working with the Greats and Stepping Out

Hallujah, It's Christmas

Along with the canon of Christmas carols, winter-themed music played at holiday time and the seemingly inexhaustible Christmas repertoire produced by the music industry and played and replayed on radio and at retail, certain classical works herald the season like no other.

Learning New Songs:

"Pomepeii" by Bastille

Martin & Co.

  1. Barely Reason For A Smile NNAMDÏ & Lynyn 3:18
  2. Endwalker 祖堅 正慶, THE PRIMALS 2:55
  3. LA FAMA ROSALÍA feat. The Weeknd 3:08
  4. Neener Neener Remy Le Boeuf 6:37
  5. 01 Somebody's Got To 3:52
  6. Free Your Mind ATARASHII GAKKO! 2:57
  7. Catharine Street Sean Della Croce 4:49
  8. DAY & AGE Nate Joël 3:29
  9. Fantasia a 6 in D Minor Attacca Quartet 3:45
  10. One Shoe Lilli Lewis 4:01