Getting In Tune

Order today to get the digital magazine that addresses students’ passion for music and keeps them reading, practicing, and connected to the broad and ever-evolving musical world. In Tune is written for music students and covers all genres of music, theory and technique, music technology and creation and much more.

In Tune Today

In Tune is now a digital magazine that can stream to any device that connects to the internet, including computers, tablets and phones. Up to 12 subscription sets, teachers receive passwords and IDs for each student. For more than 12 subscriptions, teachers receive an open link to an unlimited number of subscriptions. With the open link, there’s no need to download anything, students connect to an open link with one click, there are no accounts to create and no emails are captured.

In Tune Teachers Edition

Teachers have the same streaming access for a separate edition of In Tune written by educators for educators. The In Tune Teachers Edition contains articles and resources to help teach with In Tune and inform the profession.

Further teacher resources are available on, including music playlists, videos and activity plans keyed to National Core Arts Standards.



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