How To Play “I Hope You Dance” Preview


Every so often a record comes along that is just about perfect: great song, great singer, great arrangement, great performances, and the critics agree that “I Hope You Dance” is one of them. Written by Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers it’s regarded as Lee Ann Womack’s signature song and it’s her only No. 1 hit. For those bands who would cover it, either a male or female singer can pull it off, but given Womack’s success with it, the song is a great one for a female voice. As a down tempo change of pace in a country set, there’d be none better.

The song has a simple but memorable melody but features a truly great lyric.What makes a great lyric? A story that touches people, that gives voice to the things many, if not most people would want to say but perhaps couldn’t find the words. In this case the words are about the things we wish for those we love: parents for their children, friends for each other, or humanity in general. Let’s look deeper.

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