Learn to Play “Running Up That Hill” Preview


Rolling Stone has listed “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush- the subject of this column- as number 60 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. While not as well known in the United States, Bush received much attention in 2022 when “Running Up That Hill” was used in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, reaching the top three in the Billboard Hot 100 thirty-seven years after its first release. In 2019, a cover of the song by Meg Myers helped that rising artist gain her first real notoriety (and was included in the In Tune Listening List and podcast as a tune by an artist worthy of discovery).We chose to profile the song here because while it sounds highly produced and created with professional electronica it’s infinitely coverable by a band with a guitar player, bass player, a keyboardist and drummer, and we can prove it! Oh, you’ll need some singers, one of whom can pull off the lead with some zest, lest we forget. But first, the song’s original singer and its songwriter deserve some ink... or digits. You get the idea.

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