Sailing Toward a Career on an Internship


At colleges and universities, there’s often a reference made to the “town-gown divide.” It’s meant to mean the separation between what happens at a school and the rest of the world, both academically and in terms of campus life. Self-sufficient and focused on their social and educational goals, campuses can become isolated communities with little connection to the outside world, and the separation can stand in the way of helping students enter professional careers after graduation. Internships help bridge this gap by bringing an essential real-world element to the educational process and providing entry to a professional endeavor.

Various academic disciplines rely on internships and reflect their nature. While they may hold similarities, a physician-in-training internship is quite different for an actor or an English major. So, as a candidate for admission, you might want to consider how the program you choose treats internships. Let’s look at the ins and outs of these introductory assignments in music by defining them, how they work and how to get one.

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